October 23, 2012

Eco Vessel Water Bottle Review

Eco Vessel is a company that sells all different kinds of water bottles. They have stainless steel bottles, filtration bottles and Tritan plastic bottles. As I have talked about before, I am a huge water drinker and drink at least 4-32 ounce bottles of water per day. Recently, my husband started drinking much less Mountain Dew (score one for the dietitian!!) and started drinking more water.

He is a school teacher and of course has limited time during the day. For my review, I chose this Tritan 25 ounce straw bottle in boulder blue which retails for $13.95. I chose it because the straw makes it easy to sip for my husband in between lessons and I liked the blue color. The bottle is BPA free and is made with very lightweight plastic.

My husband and I both really love this bottle. It is good quality and seems like it will last a long time. He will be taking it to work with him daily and I'm so excited that he is drinking more water. Eco Vessel has many affordable BPA free bottles that make drinking water easy, cheap and fashionable with all of the fun bottles.

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  1. I had a friend who just recently underwent colonic irrigation melbourne and he had to really increase his water intake. In one of our meet-ups, he told me about this water container and it's really good since it doesn't leave a "burnt-plastic" taste in the water.


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