October 24, 2012

J-Dock Seafood Review

J-Dock Seafood is a company that sells all kinds of fish, crab legs, scallops, etc. Here is some background about me with seafood: I have barely tried any! I have had shrimp, tuna, tilapia, swordfish and maybe a couple others. I had never tried crab legs so when the company offered to send me some of those, I was both nervous and excited to try.

Saturday was Sweetest Day and my husband was planning on making me dinner. My seafood came right in time and he chose to cook up the giant crab legs. These crab legs were so big that I had to use my biggest pot to cook them in. They are very simple to make. Just boil water and then cook the crab legs for 8-10 minutes.

The house smelled kind of fishy so I was worried that they would have a strong seafood taste. This was not the case at all. They tasted amazing. My husband and I were totally shocked at how much we loved them.  He made a lemon garlic butter sauce to dip the crab legs in which complemented the taste very well.  These crab legs made our Sweetest Day and 5 1/2 year anniversary incredible.
The crab meat was extremely tender, moist and flaky. It had a mild taste that was not fishy. During the entire meal, we could not stop talking about how much we loved these crab legs! We almost wish that we did not like these crab legs because they are pretty expensive ($31.95 per pound) but for a special event, I would splurge to get some.

I also made the salmon that I was sent which turned out very well. It was flavorful and I love the healthy fats that are in salmon. The products that I was sent came frozen and were not warm at all. I put them right in the freezer and liked that they were nicely sealed.

J-Dock Seafood really opened my eyes to trying different kinds of seafood and I am so glad that they did!

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  1. We are glad you liked them! The black cod is a unique experience as well.

    Thanks for the review and hope you get to feeling better!


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