October 25, 2012

Tea of a Kind Review + Favorites and Giveaway Winners

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I was recently contacted about a new-to-me product called Tea of a Kind.  It comes in three flavors including pomegranate acai, citrus mint and peach ginger. This product is very unique compared to other teas in the way that it is opened and mixed. I will let the experts describe it:

The packaging is ground-breaking for the beverage sector, with a cap (a proprietary technology called “the Gizmo”) that self-mixes fresh ingredients upon opening. A special pressurized nitrogen chamber in the cap holds the fresh brewed tea, nutrients, and antioxidants. When the cap is twisted, the ingredients burst into the bottle, creating a freshly mixed drink and a dramatic color change that is fun to watch.

I think it is so cool how it opens. Before you open the bottle, it is clear water in the bottle. Once you turn the cap, the tea is released and in a second, you have your tea ready to go.

I tried all three of the flavors and had some mixed thoughts. I really liked the peach ginger. It was fresh and not too sweet. I was not really a fan of the other two flavors. I found the pomegranate acai to have a medicine-like taste. The citrus mint was just an odd flavor to me. Each bottle comes with two servings of tea in it at only 10 calories per cup. Even if you drink the whole bottle, there is only 20 calories! I like that the tea is lightly sweetened making it a low calorie option.

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  1. I liked all 3 flavors. Fresher flavors than normal premixed teas.


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