November 14, 2012

Melissa's Produce Review

I first reviewed Melissa's produce earlier this year before many fresh produce was available. I liked their lentils and precooked beets a lot. I decided to contact the company again to try some of their in season produce. I was sent the Pee Wee Dutch Yellow Potatoes, Pee Wee Ruby Gold Potatoes, Korean Pears and Organic Crimson Gold Apples.
The first thing that I noticed was how adorable the mini apples are. They are about the size of a very small plum. They are a good mix of sweet and tart. These apples are perfect if you want a bit of fruit but are not hungry enough for an entire large apple. I love mini things so these were perfect.

The Korean pears are much different than the crimson gold apples. They are huge! I had to cut this pear in half because they were so large. They are crunchy and very sweet. They seem to be better quality pears than other Asian pears I have had in the past. These would look great displayed on a table because of their giant size.
The mini potatoes are also great! They are bite sized and I just boiled mine and then added a bit of garlic, onion and pepper. They are definitely different than other potatoes because of their size. I think that these would be great for a party where you want to impress guests.

All of Melissa's produce that I have tried so far is tasty and fresh. Can't wait to try more of their unique produce options.

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