November 15, 2012

WholeFruit Sorbet Review

WholeFruit is a company that makes sorbets, smoothies and fruit bars. I recently tried the smoothies and really enjoyed the strawberry banana one. This time, I was sent 5 of the company's sorbets. I was sent the lemon, mango, black cherry, strawberry and raspberry. These contain chunks of real fruit too.

The first sorbet that I tried ended up being my favorite. It was the raspberry. I would not have typically purchased this myself because many times, raspberry flavored products taste fake and kind of like medicine. This is not the case with this sorbet. It tastes just like fresh raspberries which are my favorite fruit. It was delicious. Each serving has 120 calories and is fat free.

I also really enjoyed the strawberry sorbet and even though it is dairy free, it tasted very creamy. I was not really a fan of the black cherry but that is probably just because I am not much of a black cherry fan.

I am hosting Christmas this year for my husband's family and mine and I think I may make a punch with some of these sorbets. The fresh fruit flavor would be a great switch instead of typical sherbet.

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  1. My husband loves sorbet and raspberry is his favorite. I'll have to recommend this to my local supermarket, if they don't have it already.


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