December 18, 2012

Upcoming Nutritional Counseling Offered

As a registered dietitian, I love to help people learn to eat better, get healthy and meet their weight goals. My name is Amanda Hernandez, MA, RD and I am a Master's level registered dietitian. I hold many different titles including being a clinical nursing home dietitian, nutrition freelance writing, blogging, home care and nutritional counseling.

I recently started nutritional counseling to offer to all of you! We can talk through email and/or by phone. If you live in the Metro Detroit area, we can meet up in a public location.

If you are interested in getting healthy, losing weight, making healthier food choices or need assistance with a specific diet, you may be interested in my services. I will help you understand why eating right is so important and help you achieve your goals.

Initial Consultation ($75 for a 1 hour session, emails and review of food journal)
  • We will work together to develop goals that you would like to achieve.
  • A healthy eating/exercise plan will be developed.
  • I will review a 3 day food journal before we speak and create a plan.
  • 45 minute phone call or back and forth emails to personalize a nutritious plan that works for you.
Follow-up Appointments ($45 for each additional 30 minute session)
  • Go over progress made.
  • Answer any questions related to goals and healthy eating plan.
  • Clarify healthy eating plan as necessary.
Personalized Meal Planning ($50 for two weeks of personalized meal plans)
  • Meal plan will be custom to your likes/dislikes as well as food allergies and intolerances.
  • Meals will be healthy, balanced and include snacks as requested.
Quick Consultation ($25 for 15 minutes)
  • Includes 2 questions over the phone or email.
  • We will make a nutrition goal and discuss how to achieve that goal.
Multiple Session Discount
Buy 1 Initial Consultation and 1 Follow-up for $110.

Need some ideas where to start? Ask these questions during your session.
  • How many calories do I need per day?
  • How often should I eat?
  • How do I eat well on a budget?
  • Should I follow a gluten-free diet?
  • How much fiber should I eat each day?
  • How do I read a nutrition label?
  • How do I make my food taste good using less salt and sugar?
I am very excited to start this area of my career and can't wait to help you start your journey to getting healthy!

If you are interested in my services or would like to talk more, please email me at Let me know what you are looking for and I will see what ways I can best help you. Payment is payable through PayPal.

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