February 14, 2013

Rocky Mountain Popcorn Review and Giveaway

Rocky Mountain Popcorn company makes all different flavors of popcorn. I was sent a variety including jalapeno, southwest cheddar, butter and cinnamon sugar.

Cinnamon Sugar popcorn
The first one that I opened was the cinnamon sugar. I could not resist the uncommon flavor. It was a perfect mix of salty and sweet. This bag disappeared way too fast! A serving of this popcorn which is 3/4 cup is 150 calories.
Butter popcorn
The butter one was my husband and I's other favorite. He wanted to make fresh popcorn so that it would be hot but we did not have any. We opened up this bag of Rocky Mountain Popcorn and heated it in the microwave for one minute. It turned out really well! Just like movie theater popcorn. Two cups of this popcorn clocks in at 170 calories.

This popcorn is definitely an indulgent treat which is good to be enjoyed in moderation. It is not a very low calorie popcorn but is very tasty. It is trans fat free which is great because many bagged popcorn brands contain trans fat.

The giveaway will be for a 7 bag NottaTin of popcorn from Rocky Mountain Popcorn.
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  1. do i really have to choose just one,, LOLL okie dokie start me out on the butter popcorn and i'll work my way around heheh Thanks @tisonlyme143

  2. It is hard to go wrong with the cinnamon sugar. I love it.
    Wayne Dougherty
    receiverwd at yahoo dot com

  3. I like the caramel & the white cheddar. The butter will be good too!

  4. I just got a bag of cinnamon sugar popcorn at Bed Bath and Beyond. So tasty.

  5. Any but would first try the cheddar, thanks


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