February 13, 2013

Ultimate Flora Probiotics Giveaway

Probiotics are quite a popular buzzword these days. What are probiotics? Do you need to take them?

Probiotics are the "good" kind of bacteria. It helps with digestion and protects us from toxins. When the bacteria in our digestive tract is imbalanced, we can have digestive disturbances. By taking a probiotic supplement, we can add the good bacteria back into our bodies which helps with digestion.

Personally, I take probiotic supplements anytime that I have to take antibiotics. Antibiotics kill the good and bad bacteria in the body and by taking these supplements, I am helping put the good bacteria into my body. Also, probiotics support urinary tract health and help to balance yeast. I think that they can be beneficial for people to take these. Ask your physician before taking this supplement.

Ultimate Flora Extra Care Probiotic 30 Billion
Ultimate Flora is a line of probiotic supplements. It is developed by ReNew Life which is a line of supplements that I have tried before and liked. Ultimate Flora is high-potency probiotics that help replenish the good bacteria in your digestive system.

You take this supplement only one time per day. It has a higher probiotic culture count than many other brands of probiotics.  Each bottle has 10 different probiotic strains for maximum benefit. To learn more about these probiotics, check out this video on Youtube.
Ultimate Flora Women's Care Probiotic 25 Billion
If you are interested in purchasing Ultimate Flora probiotics, check out this list of where they are sold.

The giveaway will be for a 3 month supply of your choice of Ultimate Flora product.
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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Ultimate Flora. All opinions are my own. I was not influenced in any way.

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  1. My husband has terrible stomach issues. I wonder if this stuff would be good for him.


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