February 20, 2013

Twitter Driscoll's Berries Giveaway

According to the American Heart Association, eating berries including strawberries and blueberries may cut heart attack risk in women. Not only are berries rich in antioxidants but they also contain many beneficial vitamins, minerals and fiber. Berries are one of my favorite foods, especially raspberries. They are delicious and nutritious.
I am working with Driscoll's Berries to bring you a giveaway through Twitter. You must Tweet me an answer to win.

Giveaway starts Wednesday February 20th and ends on Friday February 22nd at midnight.

Here are the tweets to respond to:
Look for these tweets at the start of the giveaway to enter.

1) A heart healthy vitamin found in raspberries is __? Tell me @driscollsberry 4 a chance 2win free berries! #HeartHealth bit.ly/WCRaHU

2) How many calories are in a cup of raspberries? Answer me @driscollsberry 4 a chance 2 win free berries! #HeartHealth bit.ly/VLvpHq

3) What is your favorite way to eat berries? My favorite are @driscollsberry raspberries! #HeartHealth

All you have to do is reply to my tweet (@MInutritionist) to answer the question and enter yourself into the giveaway. Also, if you do not follow me yet on Twitter, please do so. Winners will be chosen at random.
Giveaway Prize:
The prize will be for $20 worth of Driscoll's Berries coupons to three different winners.

***Since this is a different format of giveaway, let me know in the comments below or in my email achernandez711@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

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  1. I love Driscoll's raspberries. So glad I saw Twitter this morning. Hope my tweets weren't too late (wasn't even 8am PST)
    Thanks for the #HeartHealth #giveaway!

  2. My family and I all love, love, LOVE Driscoll's berries! I especially love to throw them in with my green drinks/smoothies.

    Thank you so much for this outstanding giveaway ^.^


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