February 21, 2013

Western Bagel Review

I love trying new foods and this one is no exception. I had first tried Western Bagel alternative bagels about 3 years and loved them. They were good sized and filling like a regular bagel but had less calories. I loved this because bagels can often have up to 400 calories and are actually 4 bread servings. Here is my Western Bagel alternative bagels review.

Western Bagel Review

This time, I was sent some new-to-me Western Bagel products to try. I was sent the Perfect 10 bagels which really impressed me. They have 10 grams of carbohydrates (really they have 19 grams but subtracted 9 due to 9 grams of fiber). These bagels have flax seeds, wheat bran, sesame seeds, oat flakes and millet seeds in it. They also have 18 grams of protein and only 140 calories per bagel! These are nice and chewy and taste great toasted or plain. I like to have peanut butter or margarine on mine. A package of these is only $3.00 for 6 bagels which I find to be very reasonable for such a special product.

 I also really enjoyed trying the Alternative English Muffins. These come in both plain and wheat. The plain ones have 100 calories and the wheat have only 90. One of these muffins has 6 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber which is better than most English muffins. The flavor is similar to regular English muffins.

Western Bagel has impressed me again! I believe that carbohydrates are good and these bagels provide a lower calorie, tasty option.

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