March 03, 2013

Prepara Kitchen Gadget Review

Prepara is a company that sells all kinds of handy kitchen products. I was interested in reviewing their products because some of them seemed unique and were different than some of the ones that I already had. For my review, I was sent the market fresh colander and the tabletop oil mister.

 The tabletop oil mister retails for $19.99 and comes in all different colors. I chose this product because I have been wanting an oil mister for years and never got around to buying one. This mister allows you to spray an even coating of oil onto your food. It can be used for greasing pans, putting on popcorn or adding a bit of oil to your salad. To use this mister, you have to pump the mister because the oil is thick.

I like this product because it helps you to reduce your oil intake by only spraying out a bit at a time and spraying evenly. Also, it is healthier for you than other nonstick sprays. Granted, it may have more calories and fat but it allows you to skip all of the chemicals in other sprays and use a nice olive oil.
The market fresh colander set retails for $14.99. It comes in red, green and purple. It is sized for two portions of food. It comes with the colander part and a bowl underneath it for soaking and rinsing your fresh produce. One of my other favorite uses for it is that the holes are small enough to use for small items such as beans or wheatberries which fall through the holes of many colanders. If something does fall through the holes, it can be found right in the small bowl beneath.
If you have not checked out this company yet, I definitely recommend doing so. The kitchen gadgets are unique and they are very affordable.

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