March 04, 2013

Ritual Cleanse Review and Giveaway + Pinterest

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Ritual Cleanse is a company that sells different juices to be used for a cleanse. Personally, I was not interested in trying them for a cleanse but more of for a juice to drink during the day with the rest of my food. I like that they are unique flavors of fresh juices. These juices are a good way of getting in a boost of fruits and vegetables. I also wanted to try some fresh juices because people swear by them and I wanted to know what the craze was all about!

For my review, I was sent the following Ritual Juice flavors:

-Spicy lemonade- This was my favorite flavor. A 16 ounce portion is only 50 calories! It is a light lemonade with cayenne pepper in it! Many people drink this daily and I see why. It is very unique because it tastes like regular lemonade and then you get a burst of spice. Delicious!
-Pineapple mint- This was my second favorite juice that I tried. The same day that I tried this juice, I also had fresh pineapple. The juice tasted the same as the fresh pineapple!! It also had a bit of mint flavor which added freshness to the juice. One 16 ounce bottle is 120 calories. This juice also contains coconut water which I could not taste. I would definitely recommend this juice!
-Cranberry orange- I could not find this juice on the site but I enjoyed it. It is a really unique strong flavor but I thought it was super tasty. It contains cranberries, oranges and red apple. One bottle is 160 calories.

-Red energy- This juice is made with beets, carrots, pears, celery and red apples. I was not a fan because the beet flavor stuck out too much for my liking.

-Green lemon and Sweet greens- I did not end up liking these juices yet because the vegetable flavor was too strong. As I get used to juicing more, I think that I may end up liking juices like this. These juices contain kale, romaine, spinach, celery, cucumber and apple.

Overall, I really enjoyed these juices. I found that I enjoyed the fruit juices more. I do love vegetables but prefer them not in a juice. Many people do love vegetable juices so if that is your preference, you may love these!

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The giveaway will be for a 6 pack of Ritual Juices of your choice to one reader.
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  1. I completely agree, I LOVE vegetables, but...not as juices. I want to eat them and let them add volume to my foods! Great review.

  2. I love love love juices! I MUST try these soon!!

  3. I'd love to try these! I'm on pinterest, too, by the way -

  4. I would love to try these juices. :)

  5. The pineapple mint sounds refreshing - I would try that first.

  6. The pineapple mint sounds good although all of them do too except beet

  7. Spicy Lemonade would be my Ritual Juice of choice!

  8. I would love to try the red energy

  9. They all sound wonderful! The pineapple mint would probably be my favorite.

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