April 03, 2013

Simply Eight Review

As you know, I love finding local Michigan companies. It is really neat to try a product and love it that is made locally. I was recently contacted by Simply Eight which is a new company located in Kalamazoo, MI. This made me so excited because I went to college in Kalamazoo, did my internship there and am finishing up my Master's degree from Western Michigan University (online though).

These products are called Simply Eight because each product has eight ingredients or less in them. They started up because they wanted to give consumers less processed options to choose from. All of the ingredients are all natural and are ones that you know by name, nothing funky that you have not heard of.

Their cookies and granola bars are sold in some Kroger and Meijer stores and can be ordered from Amazon.
When I got my package from Simply Eight, my mom and sister had just stopped by my house. I opened up the cookies and the bars for all of us to try. My favorite were the bars. They only have 120 calories each and are firm and chewy. My mom really enjoyed these too. I loved the peanut butter and chocolate chip flavor. To show you how simple the ingredients are, here is the list of what is in the bars: whole oats, brown sugar, honey, rice crisps, peanut butter, chocolate chips and canola oil. The cookies were pretty good too but were crunchy and I prefer chewy cookies.

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  1. What a neat concept for a health food company! So many foods on the shelves at the grocery store have 9 million ingredients in them and more then 3/4ths you can't even pronounce o.O

    It's also neat that they're located in Michigan! I'm all for supporting local companies ^.^


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