May 10, 2013

Garden of Life Review and Giveaway

Garden of Life is a company that sells different nutritional supplements, bars and protein powders. For my review, I was sent a box of their vanilla and chocolate RAW protein powders.

I do not use protein powder too often but enjoy using it for two different things. I add a bit to my oatmeal to help keep me full in the morning. I only add about a tablespoon since it is strongly flavored. I also like to add about 1/2 a scoop to my smoothies for some extra protein.

My husband was the first one to try this protein powder. He had just gotten back from a run and wanted to get some extra calories and protein in right away since he is trying to maintain or gain weight, not lose. I mixed up two packets of this chocolate protein powder into about 12 ounces of milk. It dissolved most of the way (maybe 20% of the powder did not dissolve).
RAW Protein
He thought that it was a bit strong tasting and needed some extra milk added so he did just that. He liked the chocolate flavor and did not think that it was artificial or chalky.

One packet of Garden of Life RAW protein powder has 17 grams of protein which comes from raw organic sprouts, not animals. It also contains sprouted brown rice protein. It is good for vegans and vegetarians. This protein is easier to digest than most. I can get a bad stomachache later in the day after having whey protein and do not get a stomachache with this product.
The giveaway will be for a box each of Garden of Life RAW protein powders in vanilla and chocolate.
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