May 26, 2013

The Republic of Tea Iced Teas

The Republic of Tea makes an astonishing number of teas. I have tried about 15 of their teas so far and love them. Check out some of my other Republic of Tea reviews. This time, I was sent four of their iced teas to try. My husband has been loving iced tea in this hot weather and has been having a glass or two every night for dinner.

Here is what we both thought:
  • Hibiscus Sangria- This is the best iced tea that I have tried! No joke! It is very naturally sweet and tasty. It tastes like a diluted fruit punch and is yummy. It is bright red in color and does not need any sugar or sweeteners added. I will be drinking this throughout the whole summer.
Hibiscus Sangria Large  Iced Tea Pouches
  • Watermelon Mint- This tea was very interesting. I'm down to try any flavor combination and this was one of the more unique ones. I ended up not liking this tea though because the watermelon flavor tasted like watermelon Jolly Ranchers which I do not like. My sister enjoyed this tea though.

  • Limon Black- My husband loved this tea! He preferred it on it's own and thought that it was a nice strong, black tea.
Limón Black Large Iced Tea Pouches
I have not tried the Ginger Peach yet but have tried The Republic of Teas ginger peach hot tea and enjoyed it. These teas have to be brewed with hot water and then cooled. They do not brew in cold water. Each large teabag makes 4 cups of tea. I actually like my tea weaker so I make about 7 cups of tea with this. These teas were fun to try and I would definitely recommend the Hibiscus Sangria.

Now I have something for you. If you purchase one tin of The Republic of Tea’s new Large Iced Tea Pouches between May 21 and May 28 you will receive one complimentary bottle of agave nectar –the ideal all-natural iced tea sweetener.

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  1. The Hibiscus Sangria sounds delicious! Thanks for the review!

  2. Hi, I'm Wondering If This ProduCt Actually Contains Tea? SorryForThe Caps, My PhonE Isn't Working On THis Website.


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