June 28, 2013

Maille Mustard Review

I love mustard and love trying new kinds of mustards. I think that it is a versatile, low-calorie condiment that gives food a lot of flavor. I was recently contacted to try Maille mustards and review them on the blog. I was sent the dijon original, old style whole grain and honey dijon mustards to try.
 Maille Old Style Grain Mustard 
La Maison Maille has been around for 265 years making mustard and is served in France. The first mustard that I tried was the old style whole grain mustard. I ended up loving this! It was pretty mild and flavorful. I liked the little whole grain mustard seeds. This would be perfect on a sandwich or a hot pretzel. In fact, I recently went the new Whole Foods Detroit (which is awesome by the way) and they have these huge pretzel rolls for only $.50. I bought one and enjoyed it toasted with this mustard.
Maille Dijon Originale Mustard
I am also a lover of dijon mustard. My favorite way to use dijon mustard is to roast vegetables and potatoes in it. I cut up carrots and potatoes and roast in dijon mustard. My other favorite way is to roast green beans in a bit of olive oil. Then once they come out of the oven, toss in a mix of dijon mustard, vinegar and fresh dill. My family loves this recipe.

These mustards are very tasty and are a nice gourmet treat. I could definitely see myself taking them on a picnic at the park as well.

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