June 11, 2013

PopCorners Review and Giveaway

I had reviewed PopCorners in the past and loved these whole grain popped chips. They have tasty flavors such as kettle, salt, caramel and white cheddar. I was recently contacted by the company to try their new flavors including sweet cinnamon, twisted salt and Memphis BBQ.

When I got this case of PopCorners in the mail, my sister was over. We were both hungry after a walk and decided to open a bag of the sweet cinnamon and the Memphis BBQ. Both of these are delicious! These are hexagon shaped while the original flavors are triangular and made with corn.

The Memphis BBQ is both smoky and sweet. They are addictive and make a slightly healthier alternative to potato chips. The sweet cinnamon was also great! They are sweet and salty. My sister and I could not decide our favorite between the two.

These chips are GMO free and are gluten free. One bag contains 130 calories which makes it a reasonable snack choice. These are also made with 100% whole grains out of sorghum- an uncommon whole grain. I very much enjoyed these new flavors. There is also another new flavor in the works which I can't wait to see what it is. I'm hoping salt and vinegar!

The giveaway will be for a case of the new PopCorner flavors including Memphis BBQ, sweet cinnamon and twisted salt.
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  1. I would love to try the memphis BBQ, it looks yum!

  2. Twisted Salt sounds very interesting

  3. I love recommending these because they are so low in calories for how much you get in one serving. Volumetrics, it's a wonderful concept!

  4. Gina- I totally agree! Have you tried these new flavors? They are so good and different than the other Popcorners because they are made with sorghum.

  5. I tried these a while back. They're so tasty, but I haven't been able to find them since :(

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