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Citizen Chef Sauces Review and Giveaway

In the summer, I could eat grilled food every single day. It is just so delicious and fresh! I recently found a company called Citizen Chef that makes fresh sauces. I was sent a variety of sauces to try for my review including Thai Coconut, Limone Garlic, Chipotle Adobo, Pan Asian Orange and Hawaiian Pineapple Barbeque.

For dinner last Friday night, my husband and I decided to grill out. Troy marinated some chicken in Hawaiian Pineapple Barbeque sauce and got to grilling. It turned out wonderful! The sauce is slightly sweet due to the pineapple. The chicken was perfectly juicy with the addition of this sauce. Also, on the side we grilled peaches and had a salad with corn, orange bell peppers, spinach and a homemade lime, salsa and sour cream dressing.
Then on Sunday, we had my in-laws over for dinner and grilled some more chicken. This time, we tried the Citizen Chef Chipotle Adobo sauce. We all loved it! This sauce is made with chipotle peppers, roasted tomatoes and a squeeze of lime. It went well with grilled zucchini, corn and a side salad.
A 1/3 cup serving has 50 calories and 280 milligrams of sodium. Sodium is a nutrient that I watch carefully and try to reduce in my diet. When cooking with these sauces, we definitely did not use a 1/3 cup serving per person. I would say that we used 1/6 cup per person. This makes the amount of sodium per serving low for a sauce- 140 milligrams. If you look at labels for other sauces such as a typical BBQ sauce, they can have over 550 milligrams for 2 tablespoons. That is insane! Beside the great flavor of these Citizen Chef sauces, my favorite thing is that they are quite low in sodium making them a smart choice.
The giveaway will be for a case of 6 Citizen Chef Fresh Sauces.


  1. The Limone two favorites...with breaded chicken and rice. Yum!

  2. I would like to try the Limone Garlic. This seems like it would be very versatile with various foods.

  3. pan asian orange sounds outrageous

  4. don't know how to put my name on it above

  5. I want to try the Parmesan Primavera.

  6. I'd try the Limone Garlic. Thanks!

  7. I can't decide whether I want to try the Thai Coconut or Hawaiian BBQ first!

  8. I would like to try the Chipotle Adobo.

  9. I would like to try the Hawaiian Pineapple Barbeque


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