July 03, 2013

Green PolkaDot Box Review

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As you all know, I love trying unique healthy products. I recently found a company called Green PolkaDot Box which is a company that sells healthy foods at a reduced cost. I was given a gift certificate to Green PolkaDot Box to try out their products and was able to try some amazing foods.

To shop at this site, you do need to have a membership which is $50 per year. If you do not want the entire membership, you can buy a trial for $10 which I think is a great option. Honestly, I do think that this is worth it because the food is discounted which ends up saving you money in the long run. All orders over $75 ship free.
If you do not have an affordable non-GMO, organic store in your area, this company will be perfect for you. The company sells shelf stable items as well as frozen and refrigerated items. The frozen and refrigerated items are not able to ship to all areas though including mine.

Here are some of the items that I chose and what I thought of them:
Smooth Peanut Butter
-Once Again Creamy Peanut Butter- Honestly, this is my favorite peanut butter that I have ever had. The only ingredient is roasted peanuts. No oil, salt, sugar or corn syrup! It is much more liquidy than most peanut butters making it very easy to drizzle on oatmeal, smoothies, an apple, etc. I cannot believe that I have not tried this peanut butter until now and need to find it in stores near me. It is amazing!

-Kind Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew Bars- I love kind bars because they are typically very low in sugar. These ones are tasty but I did not know that they were so low in protein- only 4 grams per bar. They also have 14 grams of sugar which I was not too happy with. Next time, I would stick to a lower sugar option.
Garlic Pickles
-McClure's Pickles- These pickles are made right in Michigan but I had never tried them before. They taste like my mom's homemade pickles and are very tasty. They do not taste like your typical store bought pickles.

-Stash Mango Passionfruit Tea- This tea is caffeine free which is perfect for me in the early morning and late evening to drink. It is fruity and fresh. I'm glad to add this to my caffeine free tea rotation.

I also got to try some other awesome products such as coconut flour, sesame oil, coconut vinegar, Numi roasted rice tea and sunflower seed butter. As you can tell, I have loved trying all of these new, unique, discounted products. I would definitely recommend Green PolkaDot Box.

If you are interested in shopping at the Green PolkaDot Box, you can sign up here.

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  1. I've really wondered if it will save me $50 over the year though.... That's a lot of money. I've gone back and forth so much lately about whether it makes sense with our tight budget. Also, is your sign up link an affiliate link? Thanks.

    1. Hello! I think that it could save you money depending on how often you purchase health foods. Also, yes, it is an affiliate link- I would make a small commission if you signed up. I enjoyed using the service a lot though!


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