August 03, 2013

Hudsonville Ice Cream Review

Hudsonville Ice Cream Flavors

Hudsonville Ice Cream from Michigan

Hudsonville ice cream is an ice cream company that is located in Michigan. As you may remember, Troy and I used to live on the West side of the state of Michigan. We have since moved to the Detroit area. When we lived on the West side of the state, we lived only about 30 minutes from where this ice cream is made in Holland, MI. In fact, Troy used to work in Holland.

Hudsonville Ice Cream Review

Somehow, when we lived there, we never tried Hudsonville ice cream. I was recently sent some ice cream to try and review. As you can see, I was sent four different flavors of ice cream to try including strawberry cheesecake, candy bar whirl, pure Michigan caramel apple and Tiger traxx. Right away, I had my siblings over to try these ice creams.

Hudsonville Ice Cream Flavors

Hudsonville Ice Cream Flavors Ranked

1. Strawberry Cheesecake- This was my favorite ice cream that I tried. It had a rich cheesecake base with ripples of strawberry throughout. The ingredients are not great in these ice creams but I believe are okay for a treat. A one half cup serving is only 130 calories. My brother really liked this one as well.

2. Candy Bar Whirl- This was my second favorite Hudsonville ice cream to try. It has a vanilla ice cream base and has swirls of caramel throughout along with little Snickers pieces. It was very tasty.

3. Tiger Traxx- I had to try this ice cream for the name- it is named after the Detroit Tigers! It is a vanilla base with ripples of fudge and orange chocolate covered pretzels which are like baseballs. With this ice cream, I served it for my husband's birthday with a chocolate chip cookie cake that he requested. It went along very well with it.

4. Pure Michigan Caramel Apple- This was actually my least favorite of the ice creams. To me, the apple ice cream had an artifical flavor in it. I did like the small pieces of apple in it though and of course, love the name.

Is Hudsonville Ice Cream Good?

I absolutely LOVE Hudsonville Ice Cream. Their Bananas Foster ice cream is my absolute favorite and I highly recommend that flavor. I love trying any product made in Michigan and this was a tasty one. As with any treat, Hudsonville Ice Cream should be consumed in moderation.

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