September 16, 2013

Glass With a Twist Review

Glass With A Twist
I first reviewed Glass With A Twist last year and thought so highly of their brand. I reviewed stemless wine glasses and got my name and Troy's name engraved on the glasses. They have held up well over the last one year.

For this review, I decided to get creative and chose the champagne glasses and decided to have them engraved with the lyrics from Troy and I's song which is "I Get Carried Away" by George Strait.

On one glass I got, "I get carried away by the look, by the light in your eyes." and on the other I got "I get carried away nothing matters but being with you."

Glass with a Twist
I am so pleased with how these turned out! I gave them to Troy and he loved them. The engraving is so professional and I love that you can choose which font you get. You could have chosen less words than I did or more and Glass With a Twist arranged the words nicely so that they are spaced out and wrapped around the glass.

Also, we had the perfect reason to toast (it was red wine by the way- not champagne). Troy had just found out a couple of days before that he got a teaching job at his dream school! Also, I had just completed my second week at my new job. We definitely had great reasons to celebrate.

While writing this post, I went to look up the price of these champagne flutes and am shocked at how affordable they are. If you purchase 2 glasses, they are $13.95 each!! If you buy 5-8, they are only $9.95 each. I am going to order some of these for Christmas presents and am thinking about getting them for my brother's wedding.

These glasses are not only beautiful but are also very affordable. I highly recommend Glass With a Twist.

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