September 17, 2013

The Protein Bakery Review and Giveaway

The Protein Bakery
The Protein Bakery specializes in baked goods that are higher in protein than your typical dessert. I have reviewed them before and really enjoyed their products. Between my husband and I, we had fun trying these different products.
The Protein Bakery Lemon White Chip Blondie
My husband was very pleasantly surprised to find that he enjoyed the lemon white chip blondie so much. He saved this treat for last since he did not think that he would like it and it ended up being one of his favorite Protein Bakery products. He said that it "was so delicious and was like eating something very decadent". It was not dry and was perfectly moist.

I enjoyed the peanut butter cookies a lot. They were soft and filling. The mini peanut butter brownie was great as well. It only has 100 calories, has 7 grams of fat and 4 grams of protein. The ingredients are all recognizable as well.
I love the The Protein Bakery mini brownies and blondies because they are sweet and satisfying without a lot of calories. These treats give you sweetness you are looking for with a boost of protein to keep you full longer.
The giveaway will be for an assortment of blondies, brownies and cookies (a $45 value!) from The Protein Bakery.
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  1. I love the Protein Bakery! Andrew is so wonderful and has really created a fantastic company and great, tasty products!

  2. I really want to win!!! There treats are THE BEST!!!!

  3. I want to try the lemon white chip blondie the most.It looks like an archway cookie.

  4. I would love to try the walnut brownie !

  5. i would love to win this one they look yummy

  6. GFC id: abfantom fantom

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  7. I can't decide which one I'd eat first! Probably the blondie...

  8. I subscribed with

  9. I'd love to try the black and white brownie! But I'm sure they are all delicious!
    Laura K

  10. The brownies! Esp the pb

    Cara James

  11. I love the Protein Bakery! There treats are healthy and delicious! Would love to win!!

  12. I would love to try some baked goods full of protein! I've been working with a local bakery to make a yummy protein (plant-based) cookie/bar/baked goods. These would be great to try and see what something successful tastes like.


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