September 18, 2013

Kusmi Tea Review

Kusmi Tea
I have tried a couple varieties of Kusmi tea in the past and was happy to be able to review some of their teas again. I was sent a couple of their detox teas as well as a variety pack of samples of each of their teas. My favorite teas are the Be Cool and the Spearmint Kusmi teas. Both teas are very refreshing and tasty.

The Be Cool tea contains lemon verbena, liquourice root and peppermint. It is caffeine free and is supposed to be calming. I like drinking this tea in the evening before bed to help me relax at the end of the day.

The Spearmint green tea is a Chinese green tea with spearmint from Morocco. It is very refreshing and I have always been a fan of spearmint so this tea is especially appealing to me.

Kusmi TeaThe Kusmi Detox tea is tasty with a combination of mate and green tea with lemon and lemongrass. It is refreshing like the rest of the Kusmi teas.

On each tea pouch, it says how long you should brew each kind of tea and at which temperature for optimal results.

One of the neat things that Kusmi Tea has to offer is a box of their 12 teas with 2 bags each called the Kusmi Tea Essentials which allows you to try all of the flavors to determine your favorites. 

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