September 01, 2013

Juil Sandals Review

Juil Sandals
Although summer is coming to an end, there is still some time to wear sandals while the weather is still hot. For our review, my husband was sent these Juil sandals to try out.

Since the idea of Juil is quite unique, I will explain how the shoes are supposed to work:
"In our everyday lives, we’re exposed to toxins and stress. Toxins include anything from breathing polluted air, to carrying our cell phones around. Stress can come from anywhere – work, school, friends, or family. Exposure to these stresses and toxins leads to a buildup of free radicals in our bodies. These free radicals attack healthy cells and cause inflammation, which, oh, by the way, is the root of almost all medical ailments. Fortunately, we have the Earth, a giant magnet with an endless supply of electrons. 

If we stay connected, these electrons are absorbed to neutralize and release the harmful free radicals in our bodies. While the easiest way to stay grounded is to walk barefoot, that’s not always possible, fashionable, or appropriate. Most footwear insulates our bodies from making a connection with the earth, but the copper “dots” in our sandals act as a conduit and allow you to stay truly connected and balanced."

Juil shoes
My husband was able to review the Juil Apollo sandals. He loves them! He has quite a narrow foot and was pleasantly surprised that these sandals fit well. They were not too wide and looked better on his feet than most other sandals. They are comfortable and he really likes them. 

The company sells sandals for both women and men and comes in different styles and colors. These sandals retail for $95 which is quite expensive to me but they are good quality. My husband loves his new Juil sandals and will be wearing them a ton.

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  1. Thanks for the review. The little toe wedge bothers my tootsies, although they have other styles I'm sure. Pushing 90 here in the heat, so definitely still much sandal wearing weather left to enjoy.

  2. I've heard about Juil footwear and I LOVE the concept of it! I'm a firm believer that people should connect to the earth more to help balance themselves out so hopefully one day I'll be able to get myself one of their pairs of sandals :)


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