September 14, 2013

Mighty Leaf Tea Review and Giveaway

Mighty Leaf Tea
Next in my tea reviews is for a quality brand called Mighty Leaf. I have reviewed their iced teas in the past along with some of their hot teas when I first started my blog. This time, I was able to pick some of the flavors that I wanted to try the most.
Mighty Leaf Organic Detox Infusion
My favorite tea from Mighty Leaf Tea that I was sent to review is the organic detox infusion. This tea is very fresh and perfect for my drive to work. It contains peppermint, burdock root, licorice root, red clover flower and basil. It is a lighter flavored tea that is quite tasty.

The organic breakfast tea is a black caffeinated tea that is not too strong but gives you a flavorful black tea flavor. I really enjoyed this tea. I could definitely see myself adding a bit of milk to this tea and enjoying it on a cool morning.
TeaTop Brew Travel Mug
The vanilla bean was lighter flavored than I expected it to be but still tasty.  The Mighty Leaf Brew Top Travel Mug is awesome. You just fold the tea bag in half and thread it through the underside of the slit on the lid. Once the brew time is reached, you just pull the string out. This helps to prevent overbrewed tea. It squeezes the oils out of the tea pouch and into your beverage.

This giveaway is huge!! It will be for the Mighty Leaf Brew Top Travel Mug and for the 4 teas that I reviewed above (about a $60 value!) filled with tasty teas.
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  1. Just FYI, your Mighty Leaf link in the giveaways box is broken and giving an error. I went to the site directly.

  2. I love a good black tea, though I like to change my tea with my mood.

  3. There is very little American about this product.

    It is manufactured in North Africa, near Libya using cheap slave labour.

    Will not be buying it again - there are better "American produced" products I would rather put my money to.

  4. Had a strange experience with these guys. Made an online order, expired goods arrived 3 WEEKS LATE! When I called to complain, I was told that the situation was unfortunate and better luck next time when I place my next order... Who do I report this to?


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