October 24, 2013

Rightfully Raw Review

Rightfully Raw
Rightfully Raw is a company that makes different kinds of dips, desserts and more all raw. I recently won a giveaway on another blog to try these raw products and decided to write about them because they are so tasty and the company was so kind. In fact, the owner hand-delivered my package to my house!

I was able to try some different products such as different kinds of hummus, bruschetta, vegan cheese dip, vegan caramel dip and more. All of the products are vegan and raw. They come super fresh without any preservatives. They are a local Michigan company. For any Metro Detroiter’s, you can purchase these products at the Eastern Market or on the Rightfully Raw website.

Here is my opinion of the Rightfully Raw products:
-Raw caramel dip- this dip contains: raw cashews, dates, maple syrup, vanilla and sea salt. No preservatives, no unknown ingredients, only real ingredients. This dip tastes like real caramel and is so good! It is healthier than regular caramel because it contains healthy ingredients such as cashews and dates. My sister and I took this dip with us to Caribou Coffee along with some sliced apples and pretzels and could not stop eating it. It is delicious!

-Dill and garlic hummus- this is honestly my favorite hummus that I have ever had. Really. It is so fresh with real dill and garlic cloves. It is so tasty with any kinds of toppings. It is very flavorful. I highly recommend this hummus.

 Rightfully Raw Hummus
-Jalapeno and cilantro hummus- My husband could not get enough of this hummus. He loves both jalapeno and cilantro so this was a great choice for him.

-Raw pesto- I love pesto but my husband strangely does not. I like having my own container that I can eat. I have been eating this on baby kale leaves and spread on a breakfast egg sandwich. It is very delicious.

Rightfully Raw Bruschetta
-Tuscan bruschetta- I served my family this bruschetta a couple of weeks ago up north at their farm and they all liked it. It is very garlicky and has some balsamic vinegar in it for flavor. We ate it on broiled pieces of French bread. My dad was skeptical at first because it was a brownish red color but liked it (he is going to love that I added this, hi Dad!).

As you can tell, I really like the Rightfully Raw products. When I am at Eastern Market next time, I will have to stop by and pick up some of my new favorite hummus.

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