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479 Degrees Popcorn Review and Giveaway

479 Degrees Popcorn
 479 Degrees is a company that makes all different flavors of popcorn. For my review, I was sent a case of different popcorn varieties to try out. When my popcorn arrived, I was impressed by all of the fun flavors that I was sent.
479 Degrees Popcorn
Toasted Coconut Caramel Popcorn
Some of the 479 Degrees flavors include:
-Toasted Coconut Caramel
-Sea Salt Caramel
-Chipotle Caramel and Pumpkin Seeds
-Asiago, Parmesan and Cheddar
-Toasted Sesame and Seaweed
-White Cheddar and Black Truffle
479 Degrees Popcorn
Aren’t these flavors unique and delicious sounding? Right when I got my package, I decided to try some of the toasted coconut caramel 479 Degrees popcorn. It is so tasty! It is covered in a caramel coating with little bits of toasted coconut throughout. It has 110 calories per serving and is a lighter alternative to other desserts.

I like to mix caramel popcorn with lighter popcorn such as sea salt which has less calories and is less sweet that way. This popcorn is so addictive too! I had trouble shutting the bag and walking away.
479 Degrees Popcorn
I shared a bag of the sea salt caramel with my family and my sister agreed that this popcorn was addictive. It has a touch of salt with that nice caramel coating as the other popcorn.

I enjoyed all of the popcorn flavors that I have tried so far from 479Degrees. I like that each bag has the calories right on the front so if you see these at a store, it is easy to see the nutrition info for each bag. This popcorn is higher in calories than your typical “light” popcorn so follow the recommended serving size to keep calories in check.

The giveaway will be for a case of 479 Degrees Popcorn in all different flavors to one reader.


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    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  2. My favorite is Chipotle Caramel and Pumpkin Seeds. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep. Thanks :) corrysue@yahoo.com

  3. My favorite is Chipotle Caramel and Pumpkin Seeds

  4. i dont know of any neverh eard of this but sounds fab would love to try

  5. I don't believe I've had any but I have met very few snacks that I didn't like.

  6. I want to try the Sea Salt Caramel.

  7. White Cheddar + Black Truffle would be my 479 Degrees Popcorn of choice!


  8. would love to try the different caramel creations!

  9. The sea salt caramel sound awesome, thank you.


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