November 12, 2013

Jaybird Headphones Giveaway

As a runner, it is so important to me to have excellent headphones. I recently reviewed headphones from a company (who I will not name) that were horrible. They literally fell out of my ears every single block of my run. I could not believe how terrible they were. I would not use them again because during a run, you need your headphones to stay in place and not bother you at all.

Jaybird headphones is a company that makes higher quality headphones. They are great for all different types of sports and for outdoor activities. I have not personally tried this out myself yet but I hope to in the future. They call them “state of the art” headphones that are aimed for people with active lifestyles.

The headphones that look awesome to me are the Jaybird Bluebuds X Sport. They have a playtime of 8 hours and include a full week of workouts or a full day of listening to music. They have SignalPlus so that you can have skip-free music outdoors. One of the best parts about these headphones is that they provide a lifetime warranty against sweat. This is incredible considering that you wear these when you sweat during your workout.

These headphones offer PureSound In-ear white noise and listener fatigue reduction. What this means is that these headphones help to reduce white noise and gives a clean listening experience.

You can listen to music and make calls from these headphones. They have something called X-fit which allows you to lift the cord off of your neck which is great for working out.

They are compatible with any Bluetooth stereo device including iPod Nanos, iPhones, Android, Windows, Blackberry and more. They come with a personalized fit since the kit includes 3 sizes of ear tips and 3 sizes of Secure Fit ear cushions. No matter the size of ear opening you have, one of these sizes is bound to fit you so that they do not fall out when you need them to stay put.

If you are interested in purchasing Jaybird headphones, check out their store.


The giveaway will be for a pair of Jaybird headphones. Every single day there will be someone who will win a pair of free headphones from this.

To enter: just look for the little pop-up-box on The Nutritionist Reviews page when you visit this article. Enter on that page.

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