November 26, 2013

Bestowed Box Review

I have worked with Bestowed a few times now and think that they have a fun, healthy box of snacks and products for an affordable price. Again, they are a monthly subscription service that sends different foods each month.

Here is what was in this Bestowed box:
Wild Garden Hummus Dip: My husband is beyond obsessed with hummus and I love that this hummus is shelf stable for some protein on the go. This is great with veggies, tortilla chips or pretzels.

Crunchmaster Multi-seed Crackers: I love these gluten-free crackers! I have bought them and reviewed them in the past and think that they taste great.

LifeIce: These 30 calorie mini-popsicles are so fun! I love the idea of having a small treat when you want one.

Eat Green Tea: These are edible green tea leaves. As we know, green tea is full of antioxidants so this is a good way to get in your daily dose.

Nektar Honey Crystals

Perfect Fuel Chocolate: As an athlete, I often times need extra nutrients to fuel me through a long run. This small piece of chocolate contains nutrients to provide natural energy to help improve endurance training.

Quest Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter: I just ate this bar and loved it! You can eat it regular or heat it up for a cookie-like snack. This bar contains only 160 calories, 20 g protein and 17 grams of fiber- wow!

Salba Smart Chia Boost: I love getting in a boost of omega-3 fatty acids and fiber with chia seeds.

ZICO Chocolate: I have not had a chance to try this coconut water yet but will include it in a protein shake post-workout soon.

As you can see, Bestowed boxes come with lots of fun treats to try! To get your Bestowed box for $10 now through 11/30, use the code: HELLOTEN105.

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