November 03, 2013

Life Lately: October 2013

This month has been full of tons of exciting things. My husband's best friend got married in Madison, WI and we traveled there for the weekend. We got all dressed up for Halloween. We ran a Halloween 5k (recap to come) and much more. 

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 Dressed as a flapper and the Great Gatsby

 Jeff and Kim's Wedding

 Troy and the groom- he was the best man in our wedding

 The beautiful bride and I

 I had to post this because it is too funny. My parent's dog Trina loves to eat pears and steals them from a bucket they have out from my parent's farm. She will eat 20 per day if we don't stop her!

Ran a 5k and placed first in my age group! My headphones may be a little bit tangled ; )

And had my family over for a fall breakfast- and then the waffles stuck to the waffle iron.

Overall, it was a really great month. This month is Thanksgiving- can you believe it!?!?

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