November 04, 2013

Pilates for Runners Review and Giveaway

Pilates for Runners
 My new love for running sometimes comes with days of sore muscles. I recently discovered LauraTarbell’s DVD Pilates for Runners and became very interested. I had never tried out pilates before but thought that something specifically aimed at runners could be very beneficial to me. Laura has three workout videos out including: Ultimate Abs and Core and Plyo-Pilates.

I have been battling a cold and decided to try the Pilates for Runners DVD out on one of my days that I was trying to relax. The video is 56 minutes long and involves many different types of exercise. It includes abdominal exercises that left my abs burning for 2 days (in a very good way). It has exercises that you balance on one leg and lift your legs in different ways to achieve balance.
 Pilates For Runners
I like that you use your own body weight to workout. I think that continuing this DVD could be beneficial for my running. It worked my whole body which was great. It was really low cardio though and I did not sweat while doing the DVD.

What I really like about it is that all you need is an exercise mat which is even optional. This DVD could be done anywhere since no equipment is needed.  This workout is meant to help increase running efficiency by making you stronger, more flexible and helping to develop balance and a proper running form.

The giveaway will for a set of Laura Tarbell workout DVDs including Pilates for Runners, Ultimate Abs & Core and Plyo Pilates to one reader.
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