November 30, 2013

Mix My Own Review

Mix My Own Cereal
Mix My Own is a company that lets you create your own healthy cereal or muesli. They recently contacted me to see if I would like to create a bag of cereal and try it out. I had fun checking out the site and adding in my favorite items.

First of all, when you go to the Mix My Own site, you are able to choose your cereal base. Options include five grain muesli base, a gluten-free option, coconut granola and more. I went with the standard five grain muesli base.

Then, you can add other types of grains such as kamut puffs, basmati rice, wheat germ, maple granola and more.
Mix My Own Cereal
Next, you can add the dried fruit that you would like. This is where I went a little crazy! I got peaches, apricots, freeze dried kiwi, freeze dried raspberries, tart cherries and pears. I love dried fruit so I knew that this would be perfect for me.

Then, you can choose if you want any nuts or seeds including almonds, chia seeds, flax, peanuts and more. Finally, you can choose if you want any powders added.

Overall, I thought that it was a fun experience to create my own cereal. To be honest though, I would not purchase this on my own due to the cost (nearly $20 for a bag shipped). However, I think that it would make an awesome gift for the health nut or foodie in your life. It is neat getting to add your choice of foods into the mix. My mix turned out tasty. I actually prefer mine cooked up as opposed to raw. Favorite toppings include peanut butter or almond butter. 

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