November 29, 2013

Post Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

I love Thanksgiving for spending time with family, shopping, spending time together but of course can’t forget about the food. Food is what brings family together. After the main Thanksgiving meal, you may be left with a ton of leftovers that you may not know what to do with exactly. I am here to give you some ideas!
1. Turkey sandwiches
Pacific surprised me with a package of their organic Thanksgiving products including chicken broth, gravy and cranberry sauce. I would use these products to make turkey sandwiches complete with cranberry sauce, whole grain bread, turkey and gravy. These products are organic and can be found at Whole Foods
Pacific Organic
2. Turkey A La King
My dad makes my siblings and I this and it is simple but so good. You just combine mixed vegetables, gravy and turkey, heat it up and serve over an open faced sandwich.
3. Mashed Potato Bowl
I like combining foods post-Thanksgiving into a delicious meal. I combine mashed potatoes, my mom’s sweet and sour green beans, turkey, stuffing and have some cranberries on the side.
4. Lots of Pickled Veggies
For Thanksgiving, it has been a lifelong tradition that I make the relish tray Thanksgiving morning. This includes black and green olives, dill pickles, sweet pickles and whatever other pickled foods we have on hand. This year, I was sent a few products from Mezzetta that I thought would be perfect for our relish tray. I was sent some jalapeno stuffed olives and giardiniera mix that I included on our relish tray for our Thanksgiving meal. They were the perfect addition. My family loved the jalapeno stuffed olives! They were firm and slightly spicy. Post-Thanksgiving, we always have a bunch of this leftover so we like incorporating them into our leftovers.
Mezzetta also makes a peperoncini & feta spread that I will be using on my sandwiches.

5. Sautéed Vegetables
Sauté up some brussel sprouts or other fall vegetables and top with this hazelnut oil from Emile Noel. To make this oil, hazelnuts are pan toasted and then are cold pressed. It is a bit nutty tasting and delicious over vegetables.

6. Bits of dessert mixed with healthy foods
I like to have half a slice (or a whole slice) of pie over some plain Greek yogurt or over plain oats the day after Thanksgiving. This gives me that sweet delicious flavor I am looking for along with some nutrients.
I hope you had an excellent Thanksgiving with your family!
What is your favorite way to eat Thanksgiving leftovers?

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