November 29, 2013

Sibu Beauty Review

Sibu Beauty
I have seen Sibu products on other blogs for years now and was always interested in these beauty items. Sibu products are made out of sea buckthorn berry. Before researching it, I did not know what that was.

It is a Himalayan berry that is known as the “beauty berry” in Europe and Asia. It has 190 bioactive compounds that help to restore, revitalize and protect your skin. They nourish your hair, skin and nails and are rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

The company offers a variety of skin cleansers, moisturizers and other treatments. For my review, I chose the Sibu facial cream, body cream, exfoliating scrub and facial cleanser to try out.

Sibu Beauty
The facial cream is moisturizing and has a light citrus scent. My skin is dry and this cream was moisturizing enough to keep my skin moist. It is not greasy and is not sticky either. A 1 oz bottle retails for $20.95.

The body cream is one of my favorite products because it is so moisturizing. It would also be great for the summer because it helps to soothe sun damaged skin.

As I said, my skin is dry and the Sibu exfoliating scrub helps to remove dead skin so that my skin is soft. These products are 100% vegan and are animal and cruelty free. Sibu products are also fair trade.

Gift Guide Idea
For the holidays, this would be a great gift for the following people: people who love beauty items, those who are vegan and those who care about animals as these products are vegan.

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