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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Allegro Coffee Review

Allegro coffee
In the last few months since I started my new job, daily coffee is a must. I have a small coffee pot in my office and enjoy brewing fresh coffee each day. My issue is that I cannot tolerate a lot of caffeine. Either I will be wired too late or crash at about 2-3 PM. My solution to this issue is to drink ½ caffeinated coffees.

I recently contacted Allegro coffee which is a company that sells different kinds of coffee and tea. I asked them to try some of their decaf coffees. I was sent the decaf French roast and the decaf Sumatra Lintong blend.
 Allegro CoffeeAllegro Coffee
I have been really enjoying this coffee! I love being able to brew up a cup of decaf coffee any time during the day. I like being able to enjoy the flavor of coffee without the caffeine. My favorite is the decaf French roast which is very tasty. I have been drinking it black but enjoy it with a bit of milk at times as well.

Here is a description of each of these blends:
Decaf Sumatra Lintong- Herbal and woodsy with a lusciously full body. The coffee is decaffeinated using a natural water process the Swiss Water Process maintain the herbal and lusciously full-bodied character of the Blue Batak beans.

Decaf French Roast: Smoky, smooth and sweet. The beans for our Decaf Organic French Roast come from Fair Trade co-operatives in the Chiapas region of southern Mexico.

Allegro TeaAllegro TeaAllegro Tea 
Gift Guide Idea

Allegro coffees and teas would make a fun gift for those coffee and tea lovers in your life. I think an amazing gift would be a homemade gift basket including a couple bags of coffee, 2 cute coffee mugs, some cookies or biscotti and some flavorings for coffee. 

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