December 10, 2013

Allegro Coffee Review

Allegro Decaf Coffee Review
In the last few months since I started my new job, daily coffee is a must and Allegro Coffee is a great option. I have a small coffee pot in my office and enjoy brewing fresh coffee each day. My issue is that I cannot tolerate a lot of caffeine. Either I will be wired too late or crash at about 2-3 PM. My solution to this issue is to drink ½ caffeinated coffees.
I recently contacted Allegro coffee which is a company that sells different kinds of coffee and tea. I asked them to try some of their decaf coffees. I was sent the decaf French roast and the decaf Sumatra Lintong blend.

I have been really enjoying the Allegro decaf coffee! I love being able to brew up a cup of decaf coffee any time during the day. I like being able to enjoy the flavor of coffee without the caffeine. My favorite is the decaf French roast which is very tasty. I have been drinking it black but enjoy it with a bit of milk at times as well.

Allegro Coffee Caffeine Content

Allegro decaf coffee has very low caffeine content and Allegro regular coffee has similar caffeine to other coffee brands.

Decaf Sumatra Lintong- Herbal and woodsy with a lusciously full body. The coffee is decaffeinated using a natural water process the Swiss Water Process maintain the herbal and lusciously full-bodied character of the Blue Batak beans.

Decaf French Roast: Smoky, smooth and sweet. The beans for our Decaf Organic French Roast come from Fair Trade co-operatives in the Chiapas region of southern Mexico.

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