December 11, 2013

Stocking Stuffer Ideas 2013 + Giveaway

  1. Coastermatic- This is a fun idea where you can make your Instagram pictures into coasters. I chose some of my favorite pictures from my Instagram and quickly uploaded them and placed the order. Something to note: make sure that the pictures are good quality because they will come out grainy if they are not. A couple of my coasters came out grainier than I would have liked. A set of 4 costs $25 + $6 shipping.
  1. goVida Freeze Dried Fruit- If you know me, then you know I love fruit. I was sent some freeze dried fruit from goVida for my review. The kinds of fruit they have are what I really found interesting: dragon fruit, strawberries with dulce de leche, lychee, grapes & pineapple, and more.
Freeze dried fruit has a lot less calories than dried fruit and makes a healthy snack for adults and kids. Each of these individual sized pouches is 50-100 calories. I think that this would make such a fun stocking stuffer. I love when santa (haha) includes fun treats in my stocking.
  1. Ziaja Skincare Products- Ziaja is a company that sells all different skincare products. What caught my eye was olive hair mask, coconut body lotion, coconut shower soap and an olive hand and nail cream. I was sent the coconut products to try and they smell amazing. I love to continue to use tropical smelling products throughout the winter to remind me of the warm summer weather. This lotion is thick enough to keep your skin moisturized and smells amazing. Throw a couple of these in a loved one’s stocking and they will be thrilled.
The giveaway will be for a set of 4 coasters from Coastermatic and 6 bags of goVida freeze dried fruit each to one lucky winner from The Nutritionist Reviews.
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  1. I love to get candy in my stocking

  2. I never had a stocking in my entire life, is that bad? I guess we didn't celebrate Christmas like most people do but if I had a stocking, I'd love to get goodies such as gum, candy, chocolate, etc.


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