December 03, 2013

Fabio Viviani Comfort Mats Review

Fabio Viviani Comfort Mats
I love to cook and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. After standing for awhile after a long day, I just want to sit down many times. I have been wanting a kitchen mat for a long time but never got one until now. Wow! Let me tell you how amazing this is. I was sent a FabioViviani Comfort Mat by Smart Step Home.

These mats come in two different designs: mercato and Toscana. I chose the Toscana but had a hard time deciding because both looked great. They both come in caramel or mocha colors. They retail for $99.95. The size is perfect: 32” x 20” x ¾”.

I put the mat right below my sink and love it. We have an over the sink cutting board so when I stand on this mat, I can do all of my cutting and I can do the dishes there too. I cannot speak enough great things about this mat. You do not know what you are missing until you try out one of these anti-fatigue kitchen mats.

Fabio Viviani Comfort MatsWhen standing on this compared to even stepping off for a couple of minutes while cooking makes all the difference. It feels like amazing quality. On the bottom, there is non-slip material so this mat stays put and does not slide around your kitchen floor.

This mat is so comfortable to stand on! I want another one to go right by my stove for while I am cooking.

Gift Guide Idea and Discount
Honestly, I would highly recommend these mats for a Holiday gift. It is very good quality, looks great in a kitchen and helps reduce pain and tiredness while standing.

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