December 29, 2013

Teta Foods Mediterranean Review

Teta Foods
My most favorite kind of food is by far Mediterranean. I love Greek, Lebanese, etc. I could honestly eat it every single day. The problem is that I do not know how to make most of these foods at home so I rely on eating out to get my Mediterranean fix. I recently found a company called Teta Foods which is so close to me. It is a Michigan company located in Clinton Township which is only about 30 minutes away from my house!!

They make different kinds of dressings and sauces including: tahini dressing, shish tawook, garlic spread, shawarma sauce and fattoush dressing. When I got this package, I was so excited to trying these since I love this kind of food so much.
The first product that I tried was the fattoush dressing. This tasted a lot like the dressing they give you in restaurants! Fattoush salad usually comes with lettuce, small diced tomatoes and cucumbers and pieces of fried pita. This dressing is very good! I am so, so picky with dressing so finding one that I love is awesome. This one is made primarily of olive oil and lemon. The flavor that makes it different than other dressings is sumac.
Chicken shawarma is one of my favorite meals to get at restaurants and I am excited to try this one. I am going to make it into a wrap and add a bunch of vegetables too.

When you first arrive at a Mediterranean restaurant, they often give you fresh bread with a tomato sauce and another bowl with a garlic sauce. The garlic sauce that I received from Teta foods tastes just like the one is restaurants. This dip is very high in fat so use sparingly. Also, check sodium content because some of these are high in sodium.

I would definitely buy these products since I love them so much in restaurants and can now have those delicious flavors at home.

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