December 07, 2013

The Home T Review

Michigan Home T
The Home T is a company that makes t-shirts with your own state on them. They are cute and since I love being a supporter of Michigan and wearing Michigan clothing, I thought this company was really neat.

You are able to wear a cute and stylish t-shirt with your state on it while supporting a good cause. This company aims to raise money for multiple sclerosis. I know several people with this chronic disease including my husband’s aunt. It is a difficult disease and I would love to see additional research done to help find a cure or at least a better treatment for the disease.

The Home T helps to raise money for MS by donating a portion of their profit to the cause. They donate to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society at the end of each quarter. I think that this is a wonderful cause to support.

I was sent the Michigan Home T for my husband to review. It is very soft and 100% made in the US. You can choose a grey or blue shirt and it retails for $28.
The Home T

Gift Guide Idea
This t-shirt would make a great gift for someone who loves their state. Especially for someone who is currently not living in their home state- this shirt would help remind them of home. Also, it would be perfect for someone who loves being part of a good cause.

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