January 03, 2014

Nature’s Rancher Marinades Review

Nature's Rancher Marinades

Nature's Rancher Marinades
I love trying new-to-me sauces to find products that taste great to flavor my food. Nature’s Rancher is a company that sells different kinds of marinades and meats. These products are sold at Whole Foods.
I was sent a variety of different marinades to review on my blog. My favorite was the Thai Peanut sauce. I used this in a stir fry and it turned out well. It had a strong peanut butter flavor which is a winner in my book. It has 30 calories per tablespoon and 130 mg of sodium. Although this amount of sodium is fairly high, it is less than what is in many other packaged sauces. I think that this sauce would be awesome on some grilled chicken kebabs with veggies such as onions and peppers.
Nature's Rancher MarinadesOther sauce flavors include: ginger teriyaki, garlic herb, Jamaican jerk, honey, ginger and soy, santa fe , Korean sesame and more. I like that there are a wide variety of flavors that can meet many different flavor preferences. I look forward to using these different sauces to marinade my meats and give them all sorts of tasty flavors.
These Nature’s Rancher marinades do not use MSG, synthetic thickeners or other unnatural chemical laden compounds. They use real ingredients and flavors to give your food lots of flavor.

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