January 02, 2014

Source Organic Whey Review and Giveaway

Source Organic Whey Protein
In the last year or so as I have become a runner, I have found the need to increase my protein intake for adequate performance and healing after a hard workout. I like to incorporate protein powder into different foods at times to help meet my protein needs.
I was recently sent a bag of Source Organic Whey protein powder to review. It is the first and only non-GMO project verified and American Humane Association certified whey protein. The cows are all in Northern California and spend their time in the fields.
I enjoyed trying this protein powder. Here are some of the uses that I have enjoyed it for:
-1/2 scoop mixed into oatmeal for a boost of protein
-In a green smoothie- banana (or other fruit), milk or tea, ice, spinach, protein powder
-In truffles- I have been experimenting with baking with protein powder. It turned out well in some dark chocolate peppermint truffles that I made.
One serving of this protein has 21 grams of protein in it! It has no added sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives. This is good if you do not like the sweet flavors of most protein powders. It does not have much flavor but just adds that boost of protein that your body may need.
Just a statement of disclosure: not everyone needs protein powder to meet their nutrient needs. Talk to your doctor or a RD to learn what your protein needs are and if protein powder is right for you.
The giveaway will be for a bag of Source Organic Whey Protein Powder to one reader.
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