February 07, 2014

Thompson Tee Review and Giveaway

Thompson Tee
Thompson Tee is a company that makes t-shirts with hydro-shield sweatproof technology. It helps to block underarm sweat and odor. I personally do not sweat a lot but my husband does so I knew that he would like to try these out.
The Thompson Tee’s are handcrafted in the US . They use a barrier to block armpit sweat from passing through while still allowing heat and moisture to escape. The shirts are anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.
I wore the white women’s t-shirt to try it out. Right under the armpit, there is a padded layer to absorb sweat. When I put the shirt on, the underarm pad was kind of uncomfortable and felt weird to be placed under my armpit. After wearing the shirt through the day, it started to get more comfortable. I think that these shirts would be good for the summer when I sweat more often.
Thompson Tee
My husband wore his Thompson Tee to work under his button-down shirt. He thought the same thing as I that the underarm pad felt odd but it felt better through the day. It helped some of the sweat marks that he sometimes may get from moving all around the classroom. Each t-shirt retails for $24.99.
The giveaway will be for one men’s and one women’s Thompson Tee to one winner.
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  3. I work outdoors, so these shirts would be great to wear to work in the summer months

  4. I would wear it for my morning walks!!

  5. I would wear it when I take my dog for walks!


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