February 08, 2014

New Coffee and Tea Review

1. Stash Tea- Stash sent me this little surprise sample package of their new teas that I was so excited about! Flavors include maple apple cider, spice dragon red chai, salted caramel mate, white chocolate mocha black tea and more. I love that some of the delicious options are decaf including the maple apple cider, very berry organic and Christmas in Paris since that is primarily what I drink. The flavors from Stash are very tasty!Stash Tea

2. Traditional Medicinals Dandelion Teas- I had never had dandelion tea before and enjoyed trying these flavors. Both are organic and new to the Traditional Medicinals line. The EveryDay Detox is supposed to help support liver and kidney function. Both teas are caffeine free herbal teas. The flavor is different than other teas that I have tried but I enjoyed them.
Traditional Medicinals

3. One World Coffee- I had never tried One World Coffee before and was interested that they roast all of their coffee fresh before shipment. My husband tried this coffee out and enjoyed it. He now loves coffee so much he even has a coffee song (I'm not joking- haha). This variety is called Zambean Mornings and is known for it's sweet aftertaste with a citrus-like aroma. So that you know how fresh it is, it even has the date it was roasted right on the package. It was roasted right before shipment which ensured peak freshness. It is a monthly subscription program that sends you a different kind of coffee each month. You can choose which size you want. That way, if you need more or less, you can order just what you need.

Have you tried any new kinds of coffee or tea lately? Please share!

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