March 20, 2014

13 Sunday Night Dinners

Caprese pasta salad
In my family, we love to have nice meals together. They are not always on a Sunday but I know that Sunday night dinners are very popular with others. In my family, we enjoy getting together any day of the week for a nice dinner since we live very close. When my husband and I moved to the same city as my parents did, my parent's gave us a gift for "Tuesday Night Barbecues" as a reminder that we can get together anytime.

When we get together for a dinner, we rarely ever eat the same meal twice. My mom loves to cook, I love to cook, my dad loves to cook. We also love to try all different kinds of foods. I created this Foodie collection of recipes that we may try. Chicken piccata is a longtime family favorite and white lasagna is a new favorite that my dad recently made.

My parents have been making stuffed shells for years. As a child, I did not like them very much. Now, I crave them all the time. Also, chicken cacciatore is a favorite as well. These recipes come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds since we love variety. 

What matters most about Sunday night-style dinners is getting together with family and spending time together. I am looking forward to this weekend going up north with my family and having lots of delicious meals together. 

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