March 20, 2014

Wedding and Wedding Party Dresses

Coral bridesmaids dress
I’ve recently spoken about my love for formal dresses. There is something about picking out a beautiful dress and getting all dressed up. My family and I really love finding different events where we can dress up and go out together.

I have mentioned this before but have not talked about it too much until now. My brother is getting married in 3 months! His wedding date is June 14th and we are all very excited. I was asked to stand up as a bridesmaid which is great and my husband is going to be my husband’s best man.

 Pink rose dress
For the wedding, the bridesmaids are wearing a beautiful, knee length mint colored strapless dress. When we went to try on dresses, this dress looked good on everyone in the wedding party. I ordered my dress a couple of sizes up and hope that it will fit my pregnant belly. We all cannot wait to get all dressed up and celebrate this very special day all together.

JJs House is a website that sells different prom dresses, wedding dresses, wedding party dresses and dresses for special occasions. They also sell shoes and all kinds of accessories that you may need to go with your dress. They have all different styles that can fit anyone’s tastes.

 white a-line princess dress

If you know someone who is going to be going to prom this year, feel free to check out this site which has many prom dresses available:

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