March 27, 2014

Jus by Julie Review and Giveaway

Jus by Julie
In the past, I have tried juices from juice cleanses and never really liked them. I read some great reviews about Jus by Julie and wanted to try their fresh, blended juices for myself. The flavors sounded great and I stuck with the more fruity blends.

Jus by Julie sweet spin
I have very much enjoyed trying the Jus by Julie juices and have liked every single one of them. I really like the Sweet Spin which is a blend of spinach, kale, pineapple, banana and mango. In the past, I did not like green juices but love this one. You honestly cannot taste the greens at all. My husband hates green smoothies but I had him try a sip of this one and he actually really enjoyed it. With every single one of these juices, once I started to drink them, I could not stop sipping!

Another favorite was the pineapple mint which is pineapple, mint leaves and apple. It is very fresh tasting and delicious. Overall, I do not believe in juice cleanses but do think that fresh juices are a great addition to your diet to get some nutrients in.
Jus by Julie Spicy Pome-nade
I also love both the spicy lemonade and the spicy pome-nade. The spicy lemonade is made with lemon, maple syrup, cayenne and water. This one had quite a bit of spice which I loved. Some people think that the idea of a spicy lemonade is odd but I loved it. The spicy pome-nade was very flavorful and was a good mix of sweet and tart. This one had a lot less spice than the other.

All of these juices only last for three days since they are made without preservatives. So if you order them, make sure that you plan to drink them right away. If you do plan to do a juice cleanse, you get 6 juices per day and each bottle is labeled for the order that you drink them. For example, you drink the spicy lemonade second and the sweet spin 3rd and 6th.

I really enjoyed trying the Jus by Julie juices. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who loves juicing. Next time, I want to try more of the vegetable juices since I liked the Sweet Spin so much.

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