March 28, 2014

Buffalo Gourmet Review

Buffalo Gourmet Tortilla Chips
The company that I am writing about today, Buffalo Gourmet, has some must try products. I was recently sent some salsas and tortilla chips to try from Buffalo Gourmet.

They offer some fun kinds of salsa including fire hot salsa with habanero peppers, roasted chile with black beans and corn and roasted pueblo chile and cilantro. This chips come in some fun flavors as well.

This was a review that my husband was very excited for. He loves chips and salsa and was looking forward to trying these new-to-us flavors. The first time we tried Buffalo Gourmet, we brought a bag of the thin white corn chips and the hot salsa over to my parent's house to try.

Buffalo Gourmet SalsaWe all really liked this flavor of chips and salsa. The chips are quite low in sodium compared to other brands of tortilla chips which I really appreciated. This kind was very thin and crisp which we loved. The salsa was very flavorful but a bit too hot for me to eat a ton of.

Buffalo Gourmet Thin Corn ChipsBuffalo Gourmet Sesame Medley Chips
My favorite of the salsas has to be the medium salsa. It does not have any chunks in it and is more like a thick sauce which is how I love my salsa. It has just the right amount of spice as well. We ate these with the sesame medley chips. I loved how you could taste the sesame seeds right with the salsa.

I had never seen Buffalo Gourmet chips and salsas until recently and am definitely glad that I found them. Chips and salsa is a favorite snack of my husband and I's and this brand is delicious. I hope to find them in a store near me soon because I am already missing the medium salsa flavor!

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