March 29, 2014

Rishi Tea Review

Rishi Tea
I was recently sent some sample of Rishi Tea to try and enjoyed trying these unique flavors. Some of the kinds that I chose were the raspberry green tea, apple ginseng, Tropical hibiscus, plum oolong, scarlet and cinnamon plum.

Rishi Tea

The first tea that I tried was the plum oolong. I have always been a fan of anything plum or prune flavored and love oolong tea. This tea was fruity and flavorful. I have been noticing that loose leaf tea has a lot more flavor than bagged tea.

The next tea that I tried was the apple ginseng. This tea is decaf which I liked drinking in the evening. This tea has a milder flavor but was still tasty.
Rishi Tea
The Tropical hibiscus comes in tea bags and is organic. It is described as exotic and fruity with a hint of spice. I liked all of the different tropical flavors in this tea.

Rishi Tea
The cinnamon plum was another favorite with Saigon cinnamon, currants, hibiscus and plum. It is full bodied and tasty. This is another decaf tea which is perfect for me. 

I enjoyed trying all of the different teas from Rishi Tea. They all had a lot of flavor and are good quality teas. I can see myself serving these for a tea party or for my family who loves to try unique flavors of tea.

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