March 22, 2014

Kevala Review

Kevala Nut Butters
Kevala is a company that sells superfoods, nut butters, spices and more. I love to try every brand of nut butters that I can find so I was excited to try this new-to-me brand. For my review, I was sent the Kevala organic coconut butter, almond butter, cashew butter and organic black sesame seeds.

When I got the package, I decided to try the two nut butters right away. The lovely thing about my pregnancy right now is that I want every food, all the time. Everything sounds awesome and I had to try these nut butters right away.

I was happy to see that the almond butter is roasted since that gives it so much more flavor. Dry roasted almonds are the only ingredient. It has no added salt, sugar or oils. The nut butter is delicious! I love how creamy it is. It is easily one of my favorite almond butters. I will use this in my oatmeal, on a banana, on toast and more.
Kevala Cashew Butter
The cashew butter is very tasty as well. The only ingredient in this is dry roasted cashews. It has a bit less calories than peanut butter with 169 calories for a 1 oz serving. I plan to use this sparingly since it is so delicious and cashew butter is less common. I think that it would be awesome as part of an appetizer such as on graham crackers with sliced bananas and chocolate chips.

Coconut butter is different than coconut oil in that it uses whole coconut flesh. It is plenty sweet with coconut as the only ingredient. I love this melted into my oatmeal or on hot toast.

Organic Black Sesame Seeds
I had never had black sesame seeds before and was excited to try these. I plan to add them to salad dressings and to use them in a stir-fry. I was pleasantly surprised to learn about their nutritional benefits. One ounce of black sesame seeds has 23% of your daily iron and 28% of your daily calcium! I couldn't believe it. This would be great for vegetarians and vegan who have a hard time meeting their iron and calcium needs.

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  1. I love love love this almond butter. It is so delicious and I love that it stays soft in the fridge, too!


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