March 23, 2014

Raygun T-shirt Review

Raygun t-shirt
I was recently sent a few pieces of clothing from a company called Raygun to try out. They are an Iowa based company and have many shirts about Iowa if you are from that state. For my review, I had fun browsing through their items and picking out a few for myself.

I love the Firefly tee seen above with a Ball jar and fireflies. It is so cute for the summer. I plan to wear this to my parent's farm for a bonfire this summer. The shirt is super soft and retails for $25.

Raygun t-shirt
Hello 12 week baby bump peeking out!

I was also sent this t-shirt that says "I'm not a player, I just blog a lot". Of course I thought it was perfect for the blog! This tee is $21 and fits true to size. I love how comfortable these shirts are which makes them great for lounging.
Raygun Windmills V-neck
I chose the windmills v-neck for my husband. I like the v-neck design of this shirt and the bright green color. This shirt is unisex and retails for $21.

Raygun has so many different shirts and drinkware to choose from. They have shot glasses, beer glasses and coffee mugs. Check out their many designs to find something you like.

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